Trade shows can get overwhelming fast with several businesses vying for attention. The displays, colors, demonstrations, and presentations can elevate the distractions and noise levels of the biggest exposition hall. By the time the day is over, businesses have become blurred together in the minds of participants. A few creative businesses manage to stand out among the countless displays with Event Media Walls. While most companies utilize banners, display tables, and brochure stands, the use of media walls makes a professional and lasting impression. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and configurations to suit a y space occupied by the business.

Folding media panels are the best way to maximize the space. These create a barrier between the business and all the other businesses in the room. The printed logo, name, or graphics directs attention inward so the information, demonstration, or presentation is free of distractions. Panels block out the competing booths on both sides. A wave wall, which is a curved fabric display, also invites attendees to lean into the booth. The campaign wall is a flat option that is versatile and printed with high resolution graphics. The express fabric wall is cost-effective and also easy to assemble.

In addition to trade shows displays, fabric walls on sturdy frames provide a backdrop for photographs, interviews, product launches, and special announcements. The frame can be set up by one person within minutes. The fabric stretches across the frame, and has a zipper closure to ensure a consistent and wrinkle free look. Walls can be printed on a single side, or both sides, and the branding can be easily downloaded right online. Business owners can go to for detailed information regarding pricing and sizing. Additional accessories are available, such as attachable spotlights and hard transit cases on wheels.

Another way to be that standout business is to invest in a sky banner. The banner comes in several sizes and shapes, is fade and tear resistant, and hangs from the ceiling. Placing one over the booth immediately attracts attention, and makes the booth location visible from anywhere in the exposition hall. Comprehensive promotional product companies, like Dynamic Gift Canada, for example, can provide expert assistance to owners regarding selection of display items; details on packages that can save the business money; and which items to select to give out to attendees. Standing out at trade shows and events can help a business attract customers and remain competitive.